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Barbara Wyeth
Marguerites in Pitcher     April 2020
Graphite and water color on Nepalese handmade paper, 17" x 23"
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Most of my work is botanical, whether photography or drawing. When my computer shut down around the same time sheltering-in-place was mandated, it was back to basics - pencil and paper! I’ve always drawn and sketched but certainly not to this degree. I started with very precise, careful drawing but then pulled out that amazing handmade Nepalese paper and began drawing on it, adding watercolor. The nature of the coarse surface and texture allowed a looser, more expressionist approach. I feel as though this isolation has forced both personal and artistic growth.

Red Tulips in Persian Vase     April 2020
Graphite and watercolor on Nepalese handmade paper  30" x 20"
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