Located in the heart of North Beach                          

Open monthly for the North Beach First Friday Art Event featuring the work of resident artist and gallery proprietor Elizabeth Ashcroft and select guest artists

Art News
Elizabeth Ashcroft  "Portrait in 34 Pieces"
Tina Tarnoff   "San Francisco"
Andreas Katz  "L'Ebouillante"
Barbara Wyeth  "Red Tulips in Persian Vase"
Maeve Croghan  "North Coast Light"
Sean O'Donnell
"Purple Haze"
Lucia Gonnella
"Afternoon on Eureka and 21st Street"
Charlotte Kay
"Moon and Fog over San Francisco"
Susan Shade   "Untitled 1"

  Visit us First Friday of the month.  

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250 Columbus at Saroyan Place by Broadway - #202 - San Francisco - CA - 94133