Introducing the Artists

Maeve Grogan

     Maeve Croghan has had a life long deep connection with nature.  She grew spending her summers on a remote island in Northern Michigan, living very close to the lakes and forests.  Maeve has chosen nature as the subject her paintings.  Her paintings allow the viewer to experience nature on a deep level.  


Her paintings are begun outside en plein air, where she closely observes and experiences the environment as she paints. Maeve completes her paintings in the studio, without the use of photos.  Her ‘Nature Portraits’ are a unique interpretation of art and nature.


Maeve has been painting since she was 15. She studied at the San Francisco Art Institute (BFA program), as well the Portland Museum Art School and Corcoran School of Art.  She has a BA from New College of California in 'Art and Education' focusing on Art and Social Change.


Recently, Maeve's work was invited for a Museum showing in Matsumoto, Japan and the Salt Road Museum in Omachi, Japan. Maeve was personally invited to attend and be hosted as an honored ‘Artist Guest' in Japan. Other honors include having her art in the prestigious Manoogian Collection of American Art. Her work is included in other prominent art collections around the world. 

Her paintings have been chosen by Castoro Cellars (Templeton, Ca.) for their award-winning wine bottle labels. Maeve’s paintings are in the juried books, “ART of Northern California” & “American Art Collector”, “Studio Visit” Art Journal and in "Artists of the Northern Great Lakes".

She is the recipient of numerous prestigious juried awards. Museum exhibitions include the Museum of the Living Artist in San Diego, Ca., the Anchorage Museum of History and Art, the Laguna Beach Museum of Art, the Coos Bay Art Museum, the Farmington Museum of Farmington, NM, the Los Gatos Art Museum, of Los Gatos, Ca., as well as the Manoogian Art Museum on Macknac Island, MI.                                                                                                 


Her paintings are exhibited and collected throughout the country. 

Her paintings can be viewed at her gallery ‘Maeve's Art’ on Market Street, Mackinac Island, MI in the summer and at various other galleries and venues throughout the year. 


Maeve’s winter studio is located at Hunters Point Artists’ Shipyard Community, in San Francisco, California. 

Maeve is represented by the SFMOMA Artists Gallery in San Francisco, Ca.  

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Tina Tarnoff

"What attracts me to papercut art is the sense of building something, the sense of sculpting - the clean cut aspect of it. I'm trying to achieve a sense of freedom, of movement, of whimsy - of passion for life, love and art. Victorian silhouettes, papercuts by Hans Christian Andersen, the shadow puppets of Bali, and intricate Chinese papercuts all serve as my inspiration as well as favorite movies, books and fairy tales.


Papercut Art requires a lot of precision and attention to detail. All of the pieces are hand-cut out of a single sheet of paper. I have also created a line of jewelry featuring prints of my original papercut designs encased under a glass cabochon dome which are then fashioned into necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings & brooches." 

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